Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday: Why I love Him

So I like to make list. I am a list maker person. Since Thursday is when I talk about marriage mostly my marriage. I thought why not make a list of things that I love about my husband, Stephen. So here are my reasons.

1. He doesn't mind not doing anything.
2. A wonderful cook and loves to cook (I hate cooking)
3. He likes to cheer me up.
4. He is patient with me when he should be.
5. He is a nerd. He loves playing video games, watching t.v, playing on his computer.
6. He puts me on schedule with my h.w. and everything else.
7. He provides an income at a dead end job so that I can accomplish my dreams.
8. He loves me no matter what I look like, if I have a diease, or just having a bad day.
9. He doesn't see my disablity but he sees me for who I am.
10. The way he is excited to meet our daughter. And knowing that he will be a wonderful father.

Find ten things that you love of your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. If single list thigns that you would want in a spouse. You might be surpised to find them in your future in one person.


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