Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Marriage: Time Together

My marriage is very important to keep stable and loving. Since I didn't have an example growing up it has made me more aware of things in my marriage. It's a growing process for me to learn to let some things go. Some things that bother me but at times I have to just let it go. Stephen and I try to set some time together to just talk.

Sometimes he will get home from work and sit in his chair. I would sit on his lap. We would talk about my schooling and things that happened at school. Then we would talk about his work. We would then talk about anything and relax. I look forward to these times every day.
Also, I got this idea from my sister Necia and her husband. I wake up with Stephen every morning no matter if I have to or if I don't. I wake up with him and have breakfast with him. We don't talk usually but it's a tradition that we do. He does the same thing even on his day off he will get up with me. We are planning on having that time together every morning. So when our daughter is born that will be our time before she gets up for the day. It will be our time together.
Another one doesn't happen all the time. But we often travel to our family places and where we live that is an hour and a half away. We don't have a radio working in the car but that's okay with both of us. Because now it's time to just talk about everything that matters to us. It's a time where we can talk without the interuptions and just enjoy each other's company. I love car trips for this reason because I get to spend that time with my husband not having to worry about anything else other then the the road.

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