Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday: My Marriage

Stephen works hard to provide for our family. He works at Walmart which doesn't pay him enough for what he does. He gave up a whole lot to move here to be with me. He gave up being close to his family and gave up a good paying job. A job that even offered him a raise to stay there. We lived a few weeks apart in our married life and he wanted to be here with me. He packed everything and moved down here to be with me. I can't be more happy to be with him and know that we are going to be parents soon. We struggle with money because how little he makes and yet he never complains. He never complains that we miss things in his family because we live far away. Never complains when I just need to be in his arms.
I never witness such a sacrifice in a guy in my life. When things got tough they took off. No matter who they hurt in the long run. Many times I wonder why Stephen is is with me and I often tell him that I am too lucky to have him as my husband. I am not the most open person because of my past and he pushes until he knows it's not something to push about. I have a hard time connecting with people and sometimes even with him. But he doesn't give up hope on me and he doesn't mind to just hold me and let me cry.
He is my knight and shining armor.

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