Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday: Agency

So Stephen got to teach his first lesson in the Elder's Quorum and it was about Agency which is what we learned in relief society as well. Stephen and the teacher in relief society took two different perspectives on the lesson. I got the pleasure to hear both perspectives of the lesson being taught. What I liked about the relief society lesson was that we got to share our thoughts. The teacher that taught often gets us to teach each other more then she teachs us. It's a nice way to learn. It's also nice for a young adult in relief society learn from those that are much older and wiser.
I decided to share some very personal things about myself. I shared that I had a huge choice when I was twelve years old. At eleven years old I found out that I had arthritis and was put on some heavy medicine to slow it down. As eleven years old I had arthritis worse then an eighty year old. At twelve years old I found out about the medicine that i was taking could prevent me from becoming a mother. So I made the heavy option to be taken off every medicine availble. I decided to go with getting my joints worse then they are then not be able to have children. I am totally blessed that I am going to be a mother in little over a month time.


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