Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday: Pain and Birthing Class

So today is the last day before Spring Break. I am so ready for a break from school. Also ready to be able to get the Nursery close to being done. Also catch up on homework and studying. So this past week from Saturday to now.
Saturday, Stephen and I went to our birthing class. We didn't learn much in the first session that we didn't already know. We though got to take a tour of the birthing room and post partam room. In the second session we learned a few things. The breastfeeding part was interesting. But we did get two boxes that was full of coupons and samples from huggies. Then we headed to my mom's for dinner and to spend time with her.
On Sunday, the plan was to go to our niece Addie's baby blessing but I had intense pelvic pain that left me in tears. Stephen and I decided to come home early so I could rest. I called my mom to let her know. She came down to take care of me and helped us clean carpets.
Monday, I stayed home from classes because of the pain. I was able to get a doctor's appt. to hear that it was a normal pregnancy pain. It might be SPD. I was bummed that the doctor was not my normal one and she wasn't as nice. My mom stayed till Tuesday evening to help.
Right now I am staying with school. I got B's in Comp II and Poetry. I got C's in Econ. and a Geography. So that is going good.
What to look forward to next week my Baby Shower that my mom is hosting and spring break.

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