Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday: It's Late I Know

I have been busy like crazy and will be till the end of the school year. I am trying to get so much done before Ginny's arrival which could happen anytime to tell the truth. So right now I am working hard to prepare myself by getting several things ready. Most of all involves school right now. Sigh. I knew it was going to be diffcult being pregnant and going to school full time but didn't realize by the end of the school day all I want to do is crash and sleep. So right now, I am pushing myself to stay awake and do homework. But not just that but trying to finish projects that aren't even due till the week before finals. I convinced two of my four professors to give me every homework and project now so I can get them done before the end of the year. Now, I have to convince my other two professors to give me their homework. That way if I go in labor, I am not having to worry about turning homework in but also have them done. Stephen is willing to take them up for me to the school and turn them in. So I am really pushing myself to the extreme to get these things done.
But school is going pretty good other then that. I had a rough patch this past Monday when I found out that my application for Block 1 was due on March 1st rather then Apirl 1st. After my prayers and the help of some advisors I was able to turn it in on Friday. So now I am praying hard that I will be able get into block 1 for the fall semister. I have a couple more test that I need to pass before the end of the semister which I will start getting ready for next week. So...if you see me and I look like I am about to fall asleep everywhere don't worry. If I don't make it into block 1 then I will take some more classes most likely towards my minor and apply again for the spring semister. It just wasn't meant to be that I would go into block 1 in the fall. But once I am in block it means that I will be graduating a year later. So We are pretty excited. The chances of us being able to move back to our home town is something we look forward to.
Everything else is going great though. General conferences start today around eleven my time. Stephen's at work so he will have to listen to it another time. My sister Necia is coming to bring the dresser that we found for Ginny's room. So that will be nice. Until Next Friday.

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