Friday, June 22, 2012

Story-Time at the Library

Hey, Ginny and I really enjoy going to the library for story-time on Monday and Thursday mornings. She always has a smile on her face when we are there unless it was when she had strep. She is learning a lot and is around kids her age which I think is great. As she goes into nursery with me at church which is 18 months to 3 year olds. Then she goes to daycare which is older kids as well. So this way she is able to spend time with kids her own age. I hoping to get to know more parents and set up play dates in the future. Story time first starts off singing songs with the kids. A lot of the songs have some actions that the parents do with their kids. Then the person reads a story with them. Then she shows something that goes along with the book. Like on Thursday we read Goodnight Moon. After the book we learned about rhymes. Then they get fifteen minutes playing with the toys and each other. As a mom I am watching Ginny learn things at story time. The first thing we do is sing a song and greet each kid that's there in the song. Well, Ginny decided to stand in the circle and she went to each kid when we said there name. She was connecting their names with what they looked like. I was very surprised and taken back on how much she had learned. On Mondays, we take Stephen with us. We are lucky to be able to spend this time as a family. Also we turn in Ginny's book log in. As we read over a 100 min. in a week with her. What can I say, Ginny loves book. Right now she is looking through a book. Here are some pictures that I took before the library opened the other day.

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