Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hardest Part of Being a Mom

Hey, So this week was the first real sickness that Ginny has had. Of course other then when she was NICU and I was worried that I would never get to take her home. It all started on Sunday night when Ginny showed signs that something was not right. She was very tired and just wanted to sleep. Then on Sunday night, she woke up after only sleeping for an hour and was screaming in pain. After many tries on trying to find the cause, she had a super bad rash on her bottom. Monday, we headed to story time and there she was just very clinging. When usually she goes right towards the other kids. She wanted nothing to be there at the library. Then around noon, I noticed that she was super warm. Took her temperature to find out that she had a fever of 99.6. I decided to wait on the pain meds but when she hit 101.8. That night she slept with me in the master bedroom so that I could keep an eye on her temperature. On tuesday, I made a doctor's appoint and we found out that she has a fever at 102.8. Also found out that Ginny has strept. It made me sad for my little girl. As she clung to me for her pain until things were fixed. It's hard to watch my daughter being sick and in pain. I just hate to watch her like this and it makes me sad to see my baby in pain. It's very hard going through this. Kendra

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