Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ginny's First Time in the Pool

Hey, So on May 10th, Stephen and I went to Sis. Powell's house to help clean out her pool for the summer. We had a lot of fun cleaning the really fun stuff out of the pool. After we were done and the pool started to fill we decided that it was safe for Ginny to be able to be in the pool as it was going to take over a day for the pool to fill all the way up. I put Ginny's swimsuit on that her Grammie got her and off we went outside. She was so very unsure at first in the huge pool but then started to love it. I got the best pictures of her with her big old grin. I have to say it was worth all the hard work that Stephen put into the pool to see her smile like that. Here are some pictures that I took of her in the pool for the first time.

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