Monday, June 4, 2012

Catch Up

Hey Everyone, Sorry for not bloging much this past semister so it seems. I had a lot going on and it will start up again in August. So anyways, let me catch you up on some things that are going on. I just finished my first block of elementary education which means that I have just one more year left of school. So excited for that for sure. Also, well be student teaching the next two semisters which is even better. I got A's in all my block classes and pretty bummed that my favorite teacher does not teach second block. I am right now enjoying being home with Ginny and doing fun things with her. Also learning how to drive this summer in hopes to get my license before school starts up. Ginny is an amazing little girl who loves to talk. Also she has this cute little walk where she shakes her hips. She is at the moment enjoys going to the zoo, doesn't matter if it's the one here in Emporia or the one in Topeka. She is also learning how to eat with a spoon and fork by herself. She has become miss independent which makes me sad. But I am pretty happy that she is learning all the fun things. Also she "helps" me fold laundry and clean up around the house. It's amazing to see how much she is growing now. Stephen was laid off of work at Walmart but was lucky enough to get a job as a prep cook at a restraunt in town. Thankfully, they let him have Sundays off as well as Mondays. He is enjoying it for the most part as he wanted to be a cook for the longest time. He is really enjoying being a dad and spending time with me and Ginny when he's not busy working. Well enough chit are some updated pictures.

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