Saturday, August 27, 2011


So life is getting on a schedule with school going on. We are finally getting used to doing everything that we can. I go to school and Ginny goes to her sitters. On Mondays, she stays at her sitters till four when Stephen picks her up. During that time I am cleaning the house and getting ahead on my homework. It's the time that I spend getting things done that I normally can't get done because she's home and wanting my attention. Which I don't mind at all. Wednesdays and Fridays, I go to school, come home and call the sitter who brings her over. I then give Ginny a bottle and take a nap with her. Then Stephen comes home and we spend time as a family for awhile. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I spend time with Ginny and while she takes her naps I do homework that needs to be done or pick up.
Ginny is getting big. She is now rolling around so it's a big challenging in the fact that I can't prop her up on her bobby while i am doing homework right next to her. She is becoming more fun to play with and she giggles once and awhile. Nothing like an all out giggle fest. We are not starting foods till she's six months old. But we are really enjoying her as she grows.
Stephen is doing good. He got hurt at work awhile back. That he is slowly recovering from. So for awhile it's been hard for him to work then come home and help out. But we are making it work. We are both working on losing weight though so hopefully, things will go smoothly.
You will now start to see recipes on the blog. I am slowly starting to cook more. I am going to be making dinners in the crockpot on some nights and working on making a small cookbook that I can give out to family and friends. So, I'll post the recipes and what we think of them. So far I have made pot roast and pulled pork which both came out perfect. I have a few friends that will be coming over to try the meals each week. So we shall see.
Starting tomorrow, I'll show you in pictures what I do during the days. It's not much but it works for us. Oh also I have been learning how to drive. My friend Sam took me out to the dirt roads and let me drive her car around. I even came into town and drove around. Also drove on the highway for the first time. I am finally pushing myself to learn how. So we shall see how that is going.

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