Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to the School Grind

I can't believe that I have started school already. It seems like I just ended early because I had to have a baby. I haven't missed school in one bit. I thought I would by this time but I haven't. I loved spending time with my daughter and just cuddling with her. Singing songs to her and teaching her all different things. But, I must learn more things myself. I need to finish college so that I can proudly tell her to keep going when she gets to this point in her life. So, school is already becoming a huge stress factor. I am taking fifteen credits this semister because three of those credits didn't count for fasva. Curse having to take biology three times. So most of my classes are just filler classes. Things that I really don't have to take but am to fill up more credits.
Here's my schedule:
9:00-10:00: Shakespear Class
10:00-11:00: Reletionship Class
11:00-12:00: Modern American Poetry
12:00-1:00: Biology
Starting in October
2:00-4:00 only on Mondays: Diverse Class

5:00-6:50: Music for Elementary Teacher
It's going to be a rough semister trying to learn how to juggle homework with raising my daughter. So far, it's not going so I had over 100 pages to read in two days. Also Ginny, has been waking up once through the night and having a hard time going back to sleep. Like today she woke up at 2:00am and she is just in a light sleep in the swing as I type this at almost five o'clock in the morning. I did get a lot of homework done though in this period.


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