Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It's been slow here and nothing really exciting to post about. I am sure things will get more exciting. But I thought I better give an update on my blog about things. So this summer has been relaxing and getting me in the swing of being a mother. Stephen's been working hard at Walmart and in hopes of getting a job at the DC which pays better. I am not looking forward to school starting in only a couple of weeks because I am enjoying spending time with my daughter home. Who is right now...playing with her toes her knew found passion.
Lately though, we have been relaxing at home. I am reading books on my blog and reviewing them. I just started a new blog just for book reviews. I am singing silly songs to Ginny and teaching her little things. She can now stand up stright if we support her. She also knows how to give kisses even though they are the big wide open mouth that makes her look like she will eat your face. But it's been fun. Also we got a huge back of clothes from one of my sister-in-laws that goes all the way up to 2T so getting those organize as well as packing away newborn and most of Ginny's 0-3 months clothes since she's outgrown them.
Stephen and I had our 2nd year anniversery. We decided to treat ourselves to a hotel and a two day break from everything. Ginny had the pleasure of staying the night with my mom. Stephen and I stayed at a hotel that was not the best hotel that we could have stayed. We found a neat indoor pool in Overland park that we plan on going off and on now. We ate at Bufflo Wild Wings and then had some ice cream. Then went to see a movie before we went to see our girl. It was a nice two day get away.
Well Ginny is I must go...I'll put pictures up sometime soon.


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