Friday, August 26, 2011

Shedding the Excess Questions

So I admit that I am not starting till Sunday. Why am I waiting till Sunday to start working on losing weight because it's the start of the new week. Also I will offically be in the swing of thing with school and such by then. So, what am I doing to work on shedding the excess weight right now. I am working through my book. The book is called, "The Spark" it's by the founder of which is a free weightloss website that I use. It's actually a pretty easy read about weight loss. I keep notes for myself through out it. So here they are...
What truly drives you?
My daughter, my husband, and my future
Is there a clash between what you really believe and what you're trying to accomplish?
At times there is because of the fact that I believe that I can eat and be who I want to be but I want to lose weight.
Are you working each day toward something that really matters to you?
Right now, yes. I have always wanted to become an elementary teacher and a stay at home mom. I want to finish school and become a teacher for awhile then become a stay at home mom and perhaps start up a preschool. So then I can home school my children.
What are your core values and beliefs?
I know there is a heavenly father who listens to my prayers. I also think that family is one of the most important thing in the world. Also that education is needed for everyone to be able to achieve the highest education that they want.
How can you turn those values and beliefs into a purpose in one or more of your life roles?
I can work hard in college to try and get the best grade that I can to become the best teacher I can. I can also spend time with my daughter and husband and try not to stress out so much. Which means that I have to feel good about my body so that I am less stress about things.
Visualize your purpose. How can you see it becoming a reality, based on where you are now?
I need to find time to work out and eat right so that I can be the best person there is. Also keep ahead in my studies so that I have time to spend time with my family.

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