Sunday, August 14, 2011

School is about to Start

So I have been out of school for a little over four months now and it's going to be so strange going back to school. But, no matter how much I love being home with Ginny and wanting to be a stay at home mom. I need to finish getting my degree so that my husband, Stephen, can go to school himself. Then perhaps, I will be able to stay home and raise my children. I am just glad that I had the whole summer with her to get to know her and her personality. I am hoping to finally go into Block 1 in the spring so then I will be closer on getting that degree.
Today, in Relief Society we had a lesson about eternital marriage. One of the sisters who was teaching was talking about some family stories that she had of her family. It makes me so excited to get sealed to Stephen as well as Ginny when the temple gets built. I can't wait to know that I will be with them for eternity. Before I became a mom I wasn't very religious. I went to church but that was pretty much it. Though, now I pray every night after I put Ginny to bed that she will make it through the night. That no harm will come to her.
Anyways, so I start school on Wednesday. I have classes only one Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Except one class at night on Tuesday. Anyways, we found a great sitter in our ward who Ginny already likes. It will be nice to know she is with someone that I can trust.


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Chanda Starr said...

Good luck going back to school. I know it will be hard to leave your beautiful baby but what an example you will be setting for her to always strive to be her best just like you!