Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

So we decided that this year instead of going out just Stephen and I for Valentine's Day that we would do something as a family. Before the day came we tried to think of different things that we could do with the kiddos. We decided that we would take the kids to wonderscope which is in Shawnee, Kansas. It's a great place for sensory and some hands on learning and thought it would be perfect for our active kids on a cold day. So off we went in the morning on Valentine's Day. We got there and it looked like we were not the only ones who thought of a family activity would be best for Valentine's Day. We first stopped off to say hi to the greeters. Which were a couple of genie pigs named Oreo and Teddy. The kids were thrilled and had no idea what was coming. We then went into the first room which was about food from the farms to the table.

We then had the luck of going to a concert there of a guy named Mr. Stinky Feet.

We then left the concert a little early as the kids wanted to go check out the other rooms. We first went into a room that was called H2O room. Which had lots of water tables as well as animals that lived in the water. The kids were in this room for over 20 min. they loved this room.

It was a bunch of fun and we had a lot of fun that we decided to buy a year membership. It will be nice to be going during the heat of the summer.

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