Monday, March 16, 2015

Last Day of February 2015

What can I say about the last day of February is that it started out like a normal day. My family got up and we had a quick breakfast. We then decided that since we were suppose to get a big snowfall that day as well as the next we would split up the kids. Stephen and I would take Miles while my mom would take Ginny with her, we would also split the errands that needed to be done for the weekend. we went and as we went to our first spot which was the bank and it started to snow. We then headed to Sam's club and did all of our big shopping there like we do every other Saturday. Well, it was coming down hard the snow, and we started our way back to the house.
As we drove we knew that it was starting to be slick and we started to slow down and be mindful. I made sure that Miles was very secure in his carseat just in case. We watched the car in front of us get cut off by another car and she had to slam on her breaks. Stephen started to tap his breaks as we started to slide and got super close to the car in front of us. We were inches away from the back end. While Stephen and I took a deep breath of not hitting the car, out of no where a van slammed into our back in of the car.
I was never so scared of my life as I was in that moment. My head hit the dashboard as well as my right knee because the seatbelt did not lock up like it was suppose to. After it all happened, I glanced at Stephen and saw he had a mark on his forehead from the wheel. As Stephen got out of the car to check the other two cars, I turned around and checked on Miles who was in the backseat. I can't tell you how much I appreciated carseats in protecting him and not having Ginny in the backseat in her booster seat.
Miles was just sitting there and not crying which was very strange to me. I thought he would be screaming his head off but he just looked at me with his eyes. I then searched for my cell phone which was on the dashboard in a cradle as we were listening to music from it. The cradle was by the pedals and my phone was no where to be found. When I finally found it was in the backseat behind the drivers seat. I was shaking from head to toe as I dialed my mom's phone number. I could barely explain what happened to her on the phone and where we were located at. By the time I got off the phone with her, I heard the police, fire truck, and ambulence come to the scene. I heard Stephen tell someone that I was in the car and was 25 weeks pregnant. I was then taken to the ambulence to be checked over and noticed I had a nice bump on my head. I was checked over and then sent back to the car where I placed blankets on Miles to keep him warm. As snow had come in through the trunk into the car and it was cold. Finally, my mom arrived and we transferred myself and Miles to her car to keep warm. I gave my husband a kiss, as he was staying with the car and finishing the details needed of the accident.
My mom and I then headed straight to the ER to be checked over. At this time, I knew Mason was okay within me as I started to feel him move around. Though, I could barely walk on my right leg and my head was killing me. I also wanted Miles to be checked over as he was so silent even then. We got to the ER and signed in. They had me walk up to the Women's Clinic by myself with Ginny to make sure that the baby was okay. I had to be tested for 20 min. to listen to the baby's heart rate as well as watch for contractions. Finally, I got the all clear from them and they took me back to ER to get my head and leg looked at. At this time, Stephen was already there getting looked over and Miles was with my mom being looked at. Stephen and Miles both got a CT scan done of their heads to make sure that there was no bleeding. We were all okay...thank goodness. It was a crazy leap day and I don't want to come across one like it again.

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