Thursday, February 12, 2015

Catch Up from October to Now

It seems like this year has been going by so fast. It's been hard on me not being a stay at home mom anymore as I started a job in October as a para. I work with autistic kids that range from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. I work with about nine people in my room every day we each cover two kids a day and trade off every two weeks or so. We have the most fun in our class either from what the kids are doing or from our conversations. Of course there are days when it's hard and I just push through. Though it's been really nice and I am glad they welcomed me in to their group. I also eat with two paras at my school who are in the resource room and it's been a joy to get to know these women every day. Also in October, we found out that we are expecting baby number three. It was a huge surprise but we are slowly getting used to the idea of having another one in our lives. We also have found out that it's another boy which as of right now we are naming Mason. I am nervous and excited to find out how well Miles handles having a little brother. Though, he handles me holding some babies okay it will be interesting to see how well it goes.
In October, Stephen and I as well as my mom decided to start looking into buying a house together. We figured it was worth the money if we put it together to buy a house then all of us paying rent. we went to look at houses. Some of them were really good, but they did not have some of our needs. We then found a house close to my in-laws and we decided we should put an offer on the house. Though, there was a part of us that made us uneasy about the house as there were some massive dogs next door that did not seem to be safe for my two almost three littles. The day we decided to put an offer in on the house was a day a house came on a market. Mom sent an email out saying, "Please don't hate me, but I think we need to look at this house." That night we went to look at the house which was really close to where I grew up most of my life. We went to see the house that night and as we were there they had three other showings at the same time. All of us even the kids fell in love with the house. We knew this was our house. We decided the next day to put an offer in. Well the next morning, we recieved a call saying there was another offer going in on the house. I cried...I thought, there was no way we were going to be able to move into this house. This was the day before Thanksgiving. Finally, we decided to put a quick offer in using the best offer we had. That night, we got a call saying the owners accepted our OFFER!. We were going to be able to stay in the same ward that we were in. Also live right around the corner from a couple that we have grown very close to this past year.
We had our house inspection and he found some things that made us nervous and the buyers were willing to fix for us. Also our relator (if you are buying a house in Olathe area let me know..) paid for one of the things that the buyers did not want to fix for us. We then were able to move in on New Years' Eve. It was so exciting to be able to paint my kids room and make this house our home. As of right now though, we still have lots of boxes...and lots of things.

So, now we are in our lovely house and slowly making it our home. Ginny's room is slowly being painted from a blue that had mooses on the way to a light purple, frozen room. After we get Ginny's room done then we will start transforming the boys room to a cars room with blue walls. It's a process but we are slowly getting there. It makes me so happy that this houses is coming together. Of course in the Spring we will be having a massive Garage Sale...where we will be selling a lot of things under the sun. Which will be using the money from that to buy playground stuff for the kids in the backyard. It's nice to able to let the kids run and play in the fenced backyard. Also, we are looking forward to add a dog in this summer to our crazy family.
So, as you have seen my other post, Miles is getting test for autism as well as other difficulties. It's a hard thing for a mom to deal with and I am grateful to have the knowledge that I have at work and have the support. We will finally have our answers on the 24th of this month and it's a be relief and making me nervous.
Well, it's amazing year....

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