Friday, January 11, 2013


Hey, So we do things a little different in our family for Christmas. Stephen had to work Christmas eve so we left for my mom's house that night. Thankfully, the roads were not bad from the snow. Ginny, for once lasted the whole hour and a half car ride without any complains and she was awake the whole time. Christmas Eve, we had some pizza and then Ginny opened her first Christmas pjs. It was a tradition that I had growing up and I really wanted Ginny to have the same tradition. Since we didn't have the money, it was some pjs I got a long long time ago and they are still huge on her. Then off to bed we went. Since, when we are near family we stay at my mom's house. So my mom got to enjoy all the opening presents from Santa and from us to Ginny. Of course my mom was able to get a stocking from Santa with Ginny. Ginny loved being the center of attention and loved her gifts.
After we had breakfast, Stephen, Ginny, and I head out towards Stephen's parents house. When we got there they were eating breakfast which was fine. Other then my niece Addie wanted to be done with breakfast to play with her cousin. I of course got to get some snuggles with baby Reed. It was our first time to meet our newest nephew. After everyone ate breakfast it was time to open presents.

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