Monday, June 1, 2015

Memorial Day

Hey Everyone, So, I found out not only was my mom off work on Monday but so was my husband. So we all decided we needed to do something before Mason made his appearance. Well, on Saturday, we headed to a few stores to get what we need for the week and then a few other extra stores to look for stuff for our yard. No luck on finding something that will work and within our budget. On Sunday, we went to church like we normally do. Monday, Stephen got help from our friend Mike to pick up our new bed. Someone donated a queen size bed for Stephen and I from my mom's work. So they went to pick it up for us. After they returned we all got ready to head to the Sea Life place which is on Crown Center. We invited Mike and his wife Kaitlyn with their two kids Charlie and Sariah to join us. It was so much to see all different types of fish and things that live in the Ocean. The kids had a blast hanging out with each other.
Miles loved the big fish

Ginny loved the touch pool. Where she had a chance to touch different sea life.

The kids loved watching the fish swim by.

The Dads with their boys

I saw this sign so I thought, I should do a 37 week pregnancy picture with it.

After we went to Sea Life we followed Mike and Kaitlyn to a spot in the crown center where they had an inside waterfall.

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