Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Meet Our Newest Member of the Family: Mason Allen

So, I was ready for sure by the 9th of June. I had never made it to my planned c-section date with Ginny or Miles and really thought, that I would not make it that far with Mason. My was I wrong on that when the 9th arrived, I had to burn some time before I had to be at the hospital at 10:00am. So, I finished packing and cleaning the house and my mom and I went up to the hospital and registered. Stephen was sent to work by me that morning just so he would get some hours in for the week. Once I was registered in I was sent up to the fifth floor of the hospital. Where I was prep for surgery. Stephen arrived and we waited for twelve o'clock to arrive. Finally, I was wheeled in and got the spinal in my back which hurt more than it did with Miles to get it put in. As, they were getting me set up Stephen and my mom arrived into the room. Stephen sat near me and held my hand while my mom sat further away.

It was quiet in the room and finally, I heard Mason cry out. I also heard that he was peeing everywhere as they took him to clean him up and look over him. Then the nurses were talking in a rush as they were taking care of me. They called others into the room and I knew something was wrong. Where Mason was I could not see him and knew something was wrong. Stephen was with Mason and my mom moved closer to me. She told me that Mason was blue. I was then told that Mason was put on oxygen and they were looking him over. It was scary to know that I couldn't see him. Finally, he was doing much better and was removed off oxygen. I finally held him and did skin to skin with him.

When we went to our room, Mason was weighed. Stephen thought he was smaller then Ginny and Miles but were we surprised. Mason weighed 8lbs 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. He was longer than Ginny and Miles but weighed less than Miles. Once we were settled and I was doing skin to skin with Mason. We called to have a friend bring up the kids to meet their baby brother. Ginny fell in love with Mason right away. She actually said, "Mason has a little wee just like Miles and Daddy." She also says, "Mason is my favorite little brother." Miles, did not even want to touch Mason the first day and kept his distance from him.

Mason was able to latch on and breastfeed right away and it's been a great success. It was nice to have a small gathering of friends and family come to meet Mason.

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