Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Meet Pepe The Cat

Hey, So I have always said that having a pet for a kid will help the child grow up to be responsible. Well, I was suppose to take it easy for the weekend. It was Ginny's birthday weekend and we already had it planned that we were going to spend the evening with Ginny. Anyways, my mom and I kept joking every time a commercial came on from a local shelter that we were going to go get a pet from there for the kids. Well, that Friday, my mom, myself, and the kids headed to Wayside Waifs to look at the cats. The kids were so excited as we looked at the different cats. We decided that we would get a female cat that was easy to handle because knowing Miles he would not be gentle. We were also hoping for a kitten. We found a cat that we thought would be perfect. We spent some time with the cat and my mom got a nice bite from her. So nope, we decided not a cat for us. We kept looking and finally, we looked at a couple of male cats that are a bit older. We found a cat named Pepe. The kids were so excited to to see this cat. Wayside Waifs said he was a leader cat and he liked to do his own thing. We played with him in a room and anytime the kids were loud or mean to him he would just walk away or hide. It was perfect. Did I tell you it was packed because of the adoption fees were 25 dollars this weekend. So it took awhile but we were finally able to bring him home. The kids loved him and still love him. For a long time, he liked to hide in my mom's area where the kids are not allowed to go without an adult. Slowly, he comes upstairs and spends time with the kids more and more. Did I mention that he loves to sleep with Ginny and Miles or anyone else. He's a great cat. Here is what he is up to.

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