Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why is having depression so taboo?

I am not sure I understand why depression is so taboo to have. Why hasn't society seen that depression is not something you can control on your own. It's not made up and it's not make believe. It shouldn't be a secret thing to have because thousands maybe millions of people have depression. Long ago in soceity they didn't know what depression was and they sent people to asylums to live their lives. To take them out of society. How do I know this because I had great great grandparents put in asylums.
Depression isn't something people make up. It's something that has to deal with the chemicals in their brain. They have too less of it and they need help with medication to stablize them. People need to realize that it's okay to having depression it's just one of those things. My mother has depression and you know what you can't even tell when she is taking her medication every day. I have a couple of friends who have depression and they keep quiet about it with others because they are scared of being different. I got news...we are all different. I rather someone be open about being on medication and having to talk to a perfessional to get them through then going to illigal drugs and drink until they can't remember. But you know what those things don't take away the pain. They may take it away for that moment but once those things wear off that pain will be back. Why am there.
Because I HAVE DEPRESSION. I take medication for it and you know what that's okay. I am not scared to be out there with my depression. I was put on medication and you know what...I feel better then I have ever had in a long time. If you go back to some of my old journals online and read some of the thoughts that came in my writing. You would see a totally different person then you would see me now. I am not that depressed girl who cried inside and wanted out. I am much better and I am getting to be happy with myself. I am not scared of admiting that I have depression and I don't think anyone else should.
Kk -I have depression...and that's who I am.

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