Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Summer Goals

I can't believe how life can become so hectic. This summer has been super fast for me. I believe it's because I am not alone in the apartment anymore. Also because my day usually involves in changing diapers, feedings, and holding an infant. It's amazing how things can become so different. Anyways, I am working on becoming a better person slowly. I have so many different goals this summer it's amazing. Like, I just entered in weight loss contest on my favorite site sparkspeople.com in hopes that I will get down to below 200's by the time school comes around. That is close to thirty pounds that I would need to lose. But hopefully, I can get on to it.
Another goal of mine is to get the apartment organized. I want to be able to really enjoy living in my home. My goal is to organize it so that I will love living here and be proud of living here. Also it will hopefully, organize my school things that I am not stir crazy time school starts.
Last but not least. I want to make my marriage the most amazing thing in the world. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that her parents loved her and each other. To do that I want my husband to know how much I love him and finding things that will make our marriage amazing will be neat.
The very last one is to work through the Book of Mormon. I have been working on it but I want to really work on it. Even if it means that I am reading that and nothing else. I really want to work on it.
So what does that mean to my blog. Well...it means that each day will be something about those goals. Monday's will be about my weight loss journey. Wednesdays will be about my organzing journey, and Friday's will be about my marriage, and then Sunday's is about my spirtual. The other days will be anything that I want to talk about or if I want to take a break from posting. So...here goes life.

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