Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow, Pregnancy, School, and Snow

So we survived the blizzard with only four inches of snow. Which isn't bad and I got out of school for two days. But of course that puts classes to put more work into us students to do which is not fun as midterms are coming up. So school is going okay, I still have pretty good grades in my classes as there is no exams as of right now.
Pregnancy is going really well. Since my niece Addie was born on Friday it seems like Ginny is moving like crazy. My belly is always moving to her movements which is very fun to deal with class. I have around 80 days till my due date which is starting to come fast. My doctor appointments are now even every two weeks which is very interesting. I just took a GD test and will find out soon if I passed or not. I am hoping that i will.
Oh we had another snow storm which seemed to stall over us here. We got fourteen inches of snow in one night. More then the blizzard dumped over us. It was very interesting and we got another day off of school. I spent the snow day cleaning the apartment and homework.

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