Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changing Things Up On the Blog

Man if you saw some of my notebooks, you would see several blog post that has never made it online. Anyways, I am trying to better my blog so its more interesting. So I am going to make some changes that will be different. Starting, Saturday my blog will be different in the way the posts will be run. So each day will get a topic that i will write about. It will make this blog more interesting and hopefully gather more readers. Here is what it will be like.
Monday: Who I Am
This topic will be how I am trying to find out who I am as a person. First, I will start by doing a 30 day challenge that I found except it will be in 30 weeks. Then using journal questions to find out who I am.
Tuesday: Capturing Life Around Me
Will be taking a single picture of something around me that week. I might explain in a paragraph about that picture. But sometimes I might just ask you question about the picture.
Wednesday: Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage
Okay, so I haven't even been married for over three years but there are somethings that I am learning about that works for my marriage that I can spread to your marriages or relationships as well. Also sometimes I might use some things I find on other blogs that I will share.
Thursday: Strengthing My Marriage
I know I am still new at the marriage thing. Stephen and I are coming up on our second anniversery. We are also adding to our little family in May. So we want to keep our marriage alive. My goal with this one is right now find something in the week to surpise my hubby with. It could be like cooking him dinner one night or doing some of his chores. Something that is simple but yet can show so many words that I love him.
Friday: Regular Blogging
On this day I just plan to tell you things I did this week and other things on my mind.
Saturday: Let's Get Organized
I am a college student, a wife, and a soon to be mother. I want to get organized in my life. I want to take you on the journey as I use tips to get myself organized from college stuff to regular home things. So maybe you can take those tips and use them for yourself. Also you are more willing to let me on some tips that you have.
Sunday: Spirtual Me
My faith is not as strong as I want it to be. So on Sundays will be my journy to strengthen my faith. I'll be talking about my religion as a mormon. Things that I am doing to strengthen it.

So as you can see things will be different. The blog will be organized where you can access the blog post any time. Hopefully, things will get interesting on the blog. Let me know your thoughts and your always welcome to invite friends to it.

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