Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weigh In

Things have been pretty busy with midterms right around the corner. But other then that of all of school. Stephen and I have been to our hometown once since we moved here. Its strange going back to our family homes and knowing that we don't live there. Even hung out with a view friend that weekend. My nephew Dallas broke his leg in his first soccer game so Stephen and I made sure to stop by my sisters to give him a card and to see him. He will be in a full leg for four weeks and a half cast for four weeks. But we are really lucky that it never hit his growth plate.
The past weekend we went to my sister Christy's house to spend the time with my sister and her family. She announced that she was eighteen weeks along. Also I got to spend time with them and it was a whole lot of fun. I will have sixteen nieces and nephews which is totally cool.
So as you know I have been trying to lose weight. Well, I made myself some goals that I wanted to make. One of them was to be at 220 by today. Well I didn't make that goal but I am not too dispointed I guess. I am at 221.6 which in truth is pretty cool, I am pretty happy to be even this far.
Well I need some sleep before school tomorrow and to cuddle with my husband. Night.

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