Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear Arthritis

Now I understand that you are apart of me. But we are having problems, problems that I can't afford to let slide anymore. You are starting to take over my life. Yes, I understand that you have been with me since birth. And I understand that you stayed silent for eleven years. But I need my life and need my future. I need you to step back once and awhile and let me walk next to my husband without feeling your presence in my lower joints. I need you to let me sit in a chair without the fear that my knee will slip out. I want to be able to take notes and know that i can keep up with my professors. Can you give me one day once in awhile? I want the little things like getting quarters out of a vending machine. Is that so much. Arthritis, at night I cry myself to sleep knowing that every day you get worse. The meds to make you slow down effecting my joints would cause me not to have children. I want to be a mother, no thats not right. I feel the need to be a mother. And yet you are destorying that little by little.
Arthritis, we can live together in harmony if you would let me have a day once and awhile. Soon I will lose weight to slow you down and right now I am not feeling guilty.

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