Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

So this weekend was very nice. On Friday my sister Necia and her family came over and brought us a love seat which we are both very greatful to have. Because we only had two chairs. We relaxed with them and talked while my niece Maddison drew us pictures and while my nephew Dallas looked at the video games. Dallas and Maddison were selling things for school which we decided to buy something from each to make it fair.
On Saturday, Stephen and I invited our friends Katelyn and Darren over for dinner and video games. They came over and we enjoyed their company. We had a lot of fun playing Mario Party 8 which Darren won. Stephen and I both said that we would have to invite them over more.
On Sunday we had a relaxing day and got things done around the house. On Monday, we spent the morning cleaning the apartment then Sam and Wolfgang came over to just hang out. Sam fixed my eyebrows she did them when we were roommates two years ago. The guys talked and got to know each other more. Another friend came over who lives kiddie corner from Stephen and I. Us girls made chocolate chip cookies and the guys moved on talking about Magic The Gatherering Cards. We then played a round of Mario Party 8 and soon they left. After they left I finished homework that was due Tuesday. I then did thirty minutes on the wii fit. Afterwards I got on one of my favorite websites which is called sparkspeople and logged all my excersing and logged my food for the day. Even after the chocolate chip cookies I still stayed below my calories. Yet today I weighed myself and I am still gaining weight. *sigh* But my goal is following the plan more on the website and work my butt off on getting weight off.
Today, I brought lunch to school to make sure that I can lose weight. Plus, I usually come home for lunch but Stephen started his job today and we only have one key. I get out of class after he gets off work. I need to change my lifestyle to make it work. Because I want to be healthy by my next birthday. So tomorrow I am turning twenty two years old. Last year I used to joke about that I wanted to be married on my twenty-second birthday because it's 09/09/09 then I have my first kid on 10/10/10 and so on so forth. Of course some people actually thought i was telling the truth when I was joking. Because at this time I wasn't dating anyone and I was still very hooked on Stephen. Sure enough Sarah's all mighty prediction that she made in Summer 2008 was this, "Kendra you will get married next summer." came true. I started to date Stephen on October 4th, and was engaged to him on March 6th, then married to him on July 11th. To tell the truth I wouldn't want it any other way. So the rest of the joke won't happen at least hopefully it won't. But people were all surpise the reason. Sure I would love to be a mother but not right now, not while I am still in school trying I mean trying to finish schooling.
Anyways, there is no plans for my birthday which is fine. We don't have the money at the moment anyways. Which also means that this weekend we are staying home the going to our hometown for the festivities of Old Settler's or going to our hometown to watch my sister-in-law Jojo's boyfriend Karl open his mission papers to see where he is going for two years also to celebrate his birthday. Sometimes it stinks in being in a different town from the family.
Though we do get things done and I focus on school it can seem like the same old same old. Though when friends do come over we get the enjoyment of entertaining friends. Like I have an idea of having a wii bowling tournment. Where we have people come over to play wii bowling and eat what is at a normal bowling alley would have. I think it would be a lot of fun and it would be cheeper then going to the bowling alley.
Classes are going good it seems that I have the handle on Survey and Econ. But my test results in Field and Lab will tell me if I need to study my butt off for it. The results should be tomorrow but I rather not know. I rather not know my grade on my birthday. So Stephen gave me the idea to not look at it until the tenth. So that's the plan. This is one reason why I like my birthdays on the weekends.
I have been working on figuring out the plot outlines for my novel. But if you want to read more of my novel and all the plans then you can follow it on my other blog. Well I think I kept you long enough. I must get some things done.

Until Then,

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