Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learning is Fun!

So one of the things with two toddlers is that you are teaching them all new things a lot of the time. Most of the time it can be a lot of fun and others it's challenging and messing for me (the mom).

We work on learning some sign language with Signing Time. I have a set time in the day where it's quiet time. I usually have something for the kids to watch on television. I try to make it educational like Signing Time. Both of my kids love it and have actually try to sign with the characters. I also learn along with it as well.

Miles learns that rocks are dirty and really fun to play in.

Reading is an important part of our day. I read books to them and they also have a time where they explore the books that we have by themselves. Also before bed they get read to.

Ginny is learning how to help around the house. So far she puts silverware in the dishwasher. She wipes down the table after each meal. She holds the dustpan while I sweep the floor, she even brushes her brother's hair. She also takes care of her clothes by making sure her clothes and miles gets into the laundry bin.

Ginny is starting to cook with the family and she is loving it.

We learn about rain by playing in the rain during the day.

We are starting some preschool things with Ginny. She been working on learning how to write letters and even use a scissors.

We do some sensoring things to learn about how things work and feel.

We watch animals in the backyard.

We also work on our fine motors.

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