Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cousin Fun

So we have the pleasure now of living close to my family so the kids often see their cousins Calvin, Abriana, Maddison, and Dallas who are teenagers. Then they also get to spend time with their cousin who is only a year older then Ginny named Abbi. Occasionally, we spend time with their cousins who live in Missouri who have two older and one who is the same age as Ginny. Though, this time we had the joy of having Stephen's brother Jimmy and family (Natalie, Addi, and Reed) and Stephen's sister Johanna and her son Will in town. During the time they were here we had hoped that we could be sealed. Anyways, Jimmy and family were here for two weeks while Johanna was here for another week after that. It was so much fun watching the kids interact with each other. Addi and Ginny are the same age so it was fun to see the girls play with each other and occasion they would have an argument. The last time Jimmy and family lived here the girls were at the parallel play. So now they were able to play with each and interact with each other. Miles is six months younger then my nephew Reed so they were in the stage of parallel play. Though Miles seemed to scare Reed more then anything. Will who is Johanna's little boy is six months younger then Miles. All in all the kids had a lot of fun spending time with each other and learning from each other. We miss them when they are not here.

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