Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KC Zoo

So, while my mom was on her summer vacation we decided to try to spend as much time with before she went back to work. Well, she took me and the kids to the KC Zoo. This was the biggest zoo, Ginny has ever been to. Also it was Miles first huge zoo as well since the only other zoo was the one in Emporia. It was not very warm out and we headed to the section of Australia first. For those who know the KC Zoo, they know that section is the smaller of the two. Well, I guess I have never made it to that section like ever because I did not know that some animals are not in cages. It was really neat though.

So, we entered a bird area and the birds were everywhere in there. We noticed these two birds sleeping on the railing so I took a picture of them as you can see. Right after I took a picture a bird of the similar type flew right above us. I did not realize at the time that Ginny got smacked in the head with it's foot as she was on my mom's shoulders.

Then, we kept walking around looking at all the other animals. We rounded a corner and there were up and close kangaroos. They were amazing and Miles was squealing in delight at them. We also saw a Roo who we happen to find out just came out of it's pouch for the first time that morning.

We also happened to come to the penguins when they were feeding them. It was so neat to be able to watch them feed the penguins and learn more about these creatures that Heavenly Father has created for us.

It was such a great trip and I am glad that we went with my mom. Of course it would have been even better if Stephen was able to come with us. Oh well, we will have to make another trip.

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