Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Time

So we decided it was time to head up to Olathe, Kansas to celebrate our niece Addie's first birthday. I can't believe that she is turning a year old already. I remember when I got the text on my phone saying that Natalie was in labor. Then recieving a text saying that Addie was born. Who am I kidding, I remember recieving text messages saying that Natalie was pregnant then myself finding out that I was pregnant a month later. It's been nice to have a sister-in-law who was pregnant with a little girl at the same time as myself. I was really lucky to have not just one but two sister-in-laws pregnant at the same time. My first niece was born in October and then it was Addie in February. Then Ginny came in Apirl. It's been fun to have the girls so close in age. Ginny is still not so sure about her cousins especially Addie as we see her more.
Anyways, so we rushed up to Olathe to go to Addie's birthday party and say goodbye to Jimmy for awhile. Addie was actually pretty good at going over her giant cupcake. Ginny, loved eating her mini cupcake that I let her have. It was nice to talk to family and watch the girls simi interact with each other. Addie kept taking Ginny's toy and running away and Ginny would look at me. I was so tempted to say to Addie, just you wait Addie. Ginny will be walking soon and would be going after her toys.
We didn't stay very long up in Olathe but it was a nice break from here. Oh did I mention that Ginny is crawling offical now. Also she is now pulling herself on things so nothing is safe. Not even the cork of the coasters. It resulted in a Poison control call.

By the way...cork is not toxic.

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