Friday, January 27, 2012

Graduating Soon in May 2013

So it's pretty much offical now that I will be graduating in a year. That is if I pass my classes and my huge test to get my teaching license. But, we are going to think positive and say that I will graduate in May 2013. So you better keep your calender's free then. I can say it's so exciting to be able to see the end is that near. I am super excited.
Anyways, classes are going really well. I am really enjoying my block 1 classes. I love two of the three teachers. I haven't really seen much of the other teacher to base my reaction off of her. But the two guys are really nice. Then we have my lovely, literature class that I am taking this semister on top of that. Can I say that I love it. It's a literature class just about young adult books. So far it's pretty easy class and the professor has a love for young adult books which helps by far. Also I have a few of my block 1 classmates in that class as well.
So, some things about the block 1 classes is that we get to teach lessons to kids. Also another would be that we are with the same classmates till we graduate pretty much. Which I finally opened up and meet a couple of them. Two of them know my sister-in-law. Actually they graduated with her. Which can I say is totally cool. Anyways, this coming Tuesday, I get to teach to preschool about rockets. My group is going to be super heros. I still need to come up with a name for myself. I'll have to ask my brother-in-laws.
It was such a relief on Wednesday to find out that I passed my cursive handwriting test. Last semister I had to appeal a board for the chance to stay in block 1 and finish the two test that I couldn't pass, which were Spelling and Cursive handwriting. On Tuesday, I took my spelling test for the eleventh time and finally passed. I swear I almost screamed for joy. Then Wednesday morning I found out that I also passed my cursive just under the wire. So I was finally able to feel like I was going to stay in block 1.
Well...I better get some sleep as I have a little girl who is teething and in a lot of pain.

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