Friday, August 8, 2014

Ginny had Surgery

So in July, we found out that Ginny had pretty bad teeth. It was something as a mom I did not really want to happen to my three year old. They told us they knew of at least four root canals but there might be more. So we scheduled a surgery date which was August 1st. The morning of August 1st, left me nervous for my little girl. She could not eat anything all morning which is hard to explain to a three year old. We ended up watching Frozen all morning to keep her mind off of her hunger pains.

Then it was time to head out. My mom happen to take off to comfort me during the ordeal. Ginny was given a shot at the beginning to make her super relax. She did not cry so the medicine had awhile to work in her system. Soon though she lost all head control and neck control and was zoning. She went in and had the work done and I sat in the waiting room hoping and praying she was okay. I was very blessed that my little girl got a priesthood blessing from her Dad (Stephen) and Grandpa (John) the night before. They came out and told us she was doing great and we would be able to see her soon. When I went in to see her she was wrapped in a blanket, like you would with a newborn in the nurses arms. She was sound asleep. When she awoke she barely had neck control and was very out of it. First thing she said, "I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR!" She was a trooper though through the whole thing. We found out that she had not four root canals but sixteen of them. Slowly she became her normal self.

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Kathleen Divis said...

What a traumatic experience for both of you. I hope she never has to go thru that again. How is her recovery going?