Thursday, May 16, 2013

Miles Alton is here

Hey, So life has taken a huge turn as of lately. On April 1st, I told Stephen that I don't believe that I would be able to make it out of April without having a c-section. At about 35 weeks, I was admitted to the hospital for the weekend because of high blood pressure, low fluids, and low platelets. Then i was on strict bed rest but told that if I had anything go wrong we would just deliver. I hit 37 weeks which was was amazing as I thought I would have Miles before 36 weeks. On April 30th, I woke up feeling out of it but cleaned the house as I thought it was time to get off bed rest since I was 37 weeks. I made sure everything was packed up ready to go just in case. Stephen woke up and told me, "I don't think today is going to be the day." I just chuckled. We headed to my doctor's appointment to find out my blood pressure was too high. My doctor came in and unhooked me from the NST and said that today was the day. She asked me when I last ate as I was having a c-section. So we had to wait till ten pm before I went in. My mom came down and was here when I was hooked up and ready to go in. It was a totally different experience from my emergency c-section that I had with Ginny. I didn't jump when i got the spinal and I even felt Miles move during the spinal. I was having a good conversation with the doctors and nurses while they were getting me ready. Finally, Stephen came in and it was time. I didn't have the shakes and i was relaxed as they did the c-section. Miles though surprised my doctor, when she cut me open Miles looked right up at at her. She had to move his head before she could get him because he was looking at her. He was ready and he was screaming. Miles was 8lbs 9.2 oz and 20 inches long and was born at 10:14pm. He had a great start and was able to breastfeed right away. Then it went down hill with his blood sugar. Miles was in NICU for 12 hrs and was able to be with me. I was able to breastfeed him every two hours even. It was a nice change from Ginny's birth. Ginny loves her brother from the first time she saw him. It makes me think that they were best friend in heaven. When she came in to see me she was given a bear to give to her brother. She came towards me as we talked about Miles being in my belly. When I told her that I don't have Miles she walked to my mom who was holding him. It clicked in her mind and she was in love. She's been a good help for the most part as a two year old can. I can't wait to see how their relationship changes.

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Brandi said...

Congratulations!! I saw pics on instagram he is absolutely adorable! Enjoy every moment with your two sweet kiddos!