Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Week So Far

So this past weekend has been busy. On Friday, Stephen had his suprise birthday party. I thought it would be nice for me to convince his friends to come and hang out at our place. His friends, Peter, Richard, and Stephen B. came. Terrel who was the one who helped me for the most part couldn't come which was a bummer. We played halo till midnight which Stephen had to head home. Peter & Richard slept out in the living room. Let me tell you they all snore. On Saturday we had breakfast said goodbyes to the guys. I then called my sister and invited her and her family to dinner that night. Well my sister Christy and her two kids came and stayed the night. Since her husband, Scott, is sick with the flu. Saturday night we played halo with my nephew Calvin and niece Abriana. Then we watched two things of Ghost Hunters. On Sunday, we had some breakfast played a little of halo. Then had a huge lunch that Stephen made from scratch. Then we went to the zoo spent an hour or so. We then treated ourselves to dairy queen ice cream.Finally, Christy and the kids left to go home.

Stephen and I spent time with each other. But later it got the feeling I was feeling got worse. I had a massive headache. Yesterday, when Stephen and I woke up we both had running noses and sore throats. Slowly through the day it got worse. That when I got home from lunch we both took a nap, I cuddled up against Stephen and slept. I went to my last class for the day which was what I am writing the story for. My chapter was up for a critique. I hate it when it is up for critiques because I feel like they are attacking my baby. They were harsh and cruel in their critiques which they wanted to pretty much change my plot. They want me to use less violence and use first person. When I left class I was in tears. I hate getting critiques for the fact that they are never about what went well in the chapter or piece.
Well, I need to get Nanowrimo done.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I don't know who's in your critique group, so I can't speak authoritatively, but is it time to find a new group? Your group should be willing to compliment your strong points and be helpful in finding solutions to weak areas, not attacking you.